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Originally produced for BrandOptimal, LLC, a California-based web firm that went out of business in 2014.

Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Business

This piece provides a subtle example of the type of sales writing of which I am capable. This blog post seeks to answer a simple question in a way that is truly helpful and valuable to its audience, but also advocates a position that is advantageous to the firm for whom I was writing. My goal of this post was to sell readers on our web design services by establishing our credibility and expertise in the industry and providing an effective call to action that would not feel like an overt sales pitch.

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Facebook EdgeRank: Maximize Your Social Marketing

This blog post demonstrates my ability to convey complicated technical information in a way that is more easily understood by others. In this case, my target audience consisted of small and medium business owners who lack a strong understanding of online marketing.

My goal was to give them an idea of how Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm works and explain what they need to do in order to maximize their ability to reach their audiences.

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