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Originally ghost-written for Government Technology Depot, a California-based IT equipment distributor that went out of business in 2016.

We here at GTD were fired up when we heard about OKI’s COREFIDO program. In fact, we were so excited about the product and the program that we jumped at the chance to enter into a premium partnership with OKI to become one of the industry-leading printer brands’ preferred vendors.

So what makes OKI printers so special? It’s OKI’s COREFIDO program that puts these machines so far ahead of the pack.

OKI LED Technology

It’s impossible to talk about COREFIDO without highlighting OKI’s LED technology. With over 20 years in the industry, OKI pioneered the development and use of LED technology in printing — a technology that’s very different from that used by laser printers. Laser printers utilize an older and complex seven-step process to create an image by using printheads that render each dot of an image individually. The printers require a high-speed, rotating mirror and lens system to deflect the laser beam back and forth across the surface of the rotating drum. Pretty complicated.

OKI’s LED printers, however, use a much simpler process. In OKI’s digital multifunction printers (“MFPs”), stationary LED printheads simply flash on and off, writing one line at a time directly on a photosensitive drum that attracts tones and transfers it on to paper.

Because LED printers are solid state, with no moving parts, mirrors, or changes in alignment during the printing process, they are simply more stable and reliable than laser printing. This reliability and consistent, repeatable high performance is the cornerstone of the COREFIDO program.

Free 5-Year Warranty Upgrade

OKI is so confident in the reliability of its LED technology that they’ll actually put their money where their mouth is and provide what is essentially a free upgrade to a complete, 5-year warranty on its highest performance multifunction printer lines. The warranty is all-inclusive — all parts and labor are free, including transfer belt and fuser replacement, which means no unexpected or out-of-pocket costs to you. Setup is easy, no approvals are required, and service is fast and on-site. You can even reach OKI Data Customer Service seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Recycling Program

As part of the COREFIDO warranty program, OKI makes it easy for you to go green with its COREFIDO Recycling program. OKI replacement consumables, such as used Genuine OKI toner and image drums, all come with their own return packaging. Simply print out OKI’s pre-paid shipping labels, place the consumable in its return packaging and drop it in the mail. OKI will make sure all items are responsibly recycled — and at no charge to you.

How to take advantage of the 5-Year COREFIDO WARRANTY program

All eligible OKI devices come with a standard 12-month warranty, but snapping up a 5-year extended warranty is simple. If you purchase an eligible OKI device, just be sure to register it within 90 days of purchase and your warranty will automatically upgrade to five years of extended coverage. The eligible devices include the OKI MC770/MC780 Series Color MFPs and MB760/MB770 Series Black & White MFPs.

Ready to purchase or have any questions?

We love hearing from you! Please reach Government Technology Depot via our contact form or give us a call at 1-877-880-8831, ext. 230 for an OKI device consultation.

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