Who is Jazmin?


Trace everything I do back to who I am at my core: A writer. Backed by a degree in Creative Writing and English Literature from USC and a law degree from UNLV, I've spent almost 10 years writing and editing web content.

SEO & Social Marketer

I specialize in performing and synergizing the SEO and social media marketing required to boost a brand above the dizzying morass of information that makes up the Internet. Translation: I specialize in forging a stellar web presence that rises to the top of Google -- and gets people talking.

WordPress Evangelist

I love WordPress and I've built a lot of sites with it -- even some from scratch. These days, however, I leave the heavy-lifting to real WordPress designers and programmers...but I'm still pretty darn nifty with a WordPress theme.

Web Culturalist

I'm obsessed with web culture. From the inception of memes and obscure new social networks to website visitor behavior and the newest feature rollouts by Facebook or Twitter, I always strive to observe, test and write about the latest and greatest that the Internet has to offer.

Eternal Optimist

I believe in the Law of Attraction. I strive to produce the best work I can, but always with a positive attitude and a sense of integrity and duty to my clients. Like attracts like and you're obviously here for a reason, so let's talk 🙂

Coffee Enthusiast

I love coffee. Everything about it. I would love to own my own coffee brand or do the marketing for an incredible brand run by great people. Is that you? Definitely contact me.

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